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Three easy steps to becoming the most efficient honey operator in town

Do you ever ask yourself:

  • Why does my equipment take so long to start up in the morning?

  • Why is it taking so long to get the pots per minute we want?

  • Why is it taking so long to get the batch out the door?

Whatever the issue, if you’re questioning the efficiency of your plant in any way, there may be some gaps in your operational procedures. The good news is that we’re offering the first free audit of honey extraction, packing and processing plants in Australasia meaning you’ll get an assessment and recommendations for how to improve operations, free of charge.

What you’ll get from your free audit :

  • Expert analysis of your plant

We come in (as a silent observer) and assess your plant before producing a report, which outlines any lost time you’re dealing with, why it’s happening and what we can do to fix it.

You may have a new target to meet, be struggling with time or resources, or other unique headaches – whatever it is, we’ll identify the problem and come up with ways of helping you improve your business.

For some, the solution may be as simple as writing new standard operating procedures (SOPs) or developing a map of your plant which clearly labels each piece of equipment (because how can you tell someone how to use a certain piece of equipment when you don’t know what it’s called? It’d be like being told to drive a car when you’ve only ever ridden a horse!).

Our report is highly specialised, and we give it to you straight - plus, our recommendations come with a cost estimate and estimated return on investment.

  • Recommendations to boost business

You’ve got a report in your hands outlining the potential of your plant and profits. Now what?

We can take care of the rest for you. Because we’re experts in both equipment design and production, as well as efficiency management, we can quickly push ‘go’ on all recommended changes (saving you valuable time and money).

We’ve moved away from the old school way of doing things, and in order to make your life easier, we’ll provide a 15-minute training video (rather than a series of photographs, which quickly become outdated) that walks through your plant and carefully explains processes to help with staff training.

After we’ve provided SOPs and other training resources for your staff, we’ll then provide recommendations for infrastructure and equipment improvements. We’ll let you know if upgrading your equipment will help you reach your goals, or whether a quick fix (like adjusting a rail by 2mm in order to reduce your rejects by up to 30 percent) is all that’s needed.

  • More pots per minute

With any good strategy, it’s important to measure results - otherwise it’s just a hypothesis! Throughout the entire process (from audit to implementation) we monitor and measure your return on investment. We provide all the facts and figures you need to see significant improvements to your overall business, but of course things like a higher number of pots per minute and your plant running like a well-oiled machine will speak for themselves.

Visit our free audit page for more information, and if you’re based in New Zealand or Australia, give us a buzz on 027 667 7588 to get the ball rolling.


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